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"O" is for Ohio!

Eight of our U. S. Presidents are from Ohio

For historical facts and information on all of our U.S. Presidents, visit:The White House
Here are some other interesting facts about our eight U.S. Presidents from Ohio:

Warren G. Harding was also a newspaper editor in Marion, Ohio.
He was the first president to ride to his inauguration in an automobile and
the first president to speak on the radio.
The 29th President of the U. S. organized the Citizens Cornet band and claimed to have played every instrument but the slide trombone and the E-flat cornet.
Harding's dog, an Airedale named "Laddie Boy", had his own chair at Cabinet meetings. Other Harding pets in the White House included a bull dog named "Old Boy", along with several canaries. Nickname: "Wobbly Warren"

William Howard Taft was the first president to have a presidential car.
He also served as the Governor of the Philippines and appointed as U.S. Secretary of War.
In addition to President John F. Kennedy, Taft is the only other president
who is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.
The 27th U.S. President, he was the first and only president
to become Chief Justice of the U.S.
A graduate of Yale, he improved the American economy and built roads and schools.
Taft had only one pet in the White House, a cow named "Pauline Wayne".
Nickname: "Big Bill"

William Henry Harrison gave the longest inaugural speech of any
U.S. President with a total of 8,445 words.
Unfortunately, he was the first president to die in office,
serving only one month, the shortest term of any president.
While campaigning for president, Harrison was the first to have
a campaign slogan, "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too". During his campaign in 1840,
he distributed walking sticks made of Buckeye wood.
To learn more about his involvement in The Battle of Tippecanoe, visit The White House
Sharing the White House with Harrison and his family was a goat and a cow.

Rutherford B. Hayes, nicknamed "His Fraudulency" because of
the alleged stolen election of 1876,
became the 19th President of the United States.
He ended the Radical Reconstruction and withdrew
federal troops from the South during his term.
As a child, he won elementary school contests in spelling.
Educated at Kenyon College in Ohio,
he graduated from Harvard Law School and served three terms as Governor of Ohio.
His wife Lucy was the first First Lady
to graduate from a college, Ohio Wesleyan in Delaware.
Hayes was the first president to use a telephone in the White House,
which was also home to their siamese cats, several dogs, cows, horses, goats and canaries.

Benjamin Harrison attended Miami University in Ohio,
becoming a lawyer, military leader and Senator.
He was the grandson of William Henry Harrison and
the first president to use electricity in the White House.
During his term, six states entered the union: North Dakota, South Dakota,
Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Washington.
The 23rd President of the United States and his family shared the White House with
their dogs, "Whiskers" the goat and an opossum. Nickname: "Little Ben"

James A. Garfield was considered a great orator.
He could write in Latin with one hand while writing in Greek with the other hand.
He was the last president born in a log cabin and
assassinated in a Washington railroad station.
As a young man, Garfield drove a canal boat team to earn money for an education
and graduated from Williams College in Massachusetts, later becoming president of
Western Reserve Eclectic Institute, (now known as Hiram College).
Garfield joined the Union Army and fought in the Civil War.
The 19th President of the United States and his family shared the White House
with their horse, a dog and fish. Nickname: "Preacher President"

William McKinley attended Allegheny College and was a teacher
in a country school when the Civil War broke out.
Due to limited traveling funds, he met delegates on his front porch in Canton, Ohio
while campaigning for the presidency.
As the 25th President of the United States, America was involved in
the Spanish American War and he was the third President to be assassinated.
McKinley always wore a red carnation in the lapel of his coat or suit and in his honor,
the scarlet carnation was adopted as the state flower of Ohio.
He shared the White House with a parrot and an Angora cat and her kittens.
Nickname: "Wobbly Willie"

Ulysses S. Grant was 39 years old when he volunteered
to fight for the Union in the Civil War.
A graduate of West Point, he fought in The Mexican War under General Zachary Taylor.
He was also an Ohio farmer and not only did he bring along
part of his Army staff, but most of the farm with him to the White House,
including horses, pigs, roosters, two ponies,
named "Reb" and "Billy Button", his Newfoundland dog, "Faithful" and a parrot.
He was the first and only president to get a speeding ticket,
charged $20 for speeding on his horse.

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